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Boston FIG Recap

This past weekend we had the honor of showcasing Cram Game’s creation, Cultus, at the Boston Festival of Indie Games. I was unable to attend with the other game creators, but we did quite well! Jesus has written up a nice little recap that I encourage you to read over here.

You can get an idea of the setup via these pictures provided by Phil and Jesus, our game developer and writer:

Cram Games - Boston FIG Look at Phil describing the game! And everyone playing so intently! And that Beautiful sign!

Cram Games - Boston FIG - Flyers Jesus wrote the snake-oil-salesman-style flyers based on our relics and I designed them. They came out great!

Prior to the festival I had a few decks of cards printed at Printer Studio using their custom playing card options. Aside from having to layout the cards differently to accommodate their template, it was pretty quick and easy. And from the looks of it, the cards came out fantastic. I’ll be receiving my copy in the mail soon, I’ll show them off then.

One of the great things that came out of Boston FIG was the warm reception. It was a “You like it! You really like it!” kind of moment. Up until now our game has been play-tested by other game designers, and we get a lot of critique. It’s great to have that, and is completely necessary for successful game development, but it was really awesome to hear that people actually had fun playing it. And they liked the art! It’s put a new spring in my step and a renewed excitement to finish it.

We’re still working on a few minor tweaks to the game to enhance gameplay and help people learn the rules quicker. Once that and the art is done (hopefully by the end of this year!) we’ll begin publishing.

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