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Cram Games Business Cards

Cram Games is a project I’ve been working on with a couple of friends for quite awhile now. As a quick introduction, I’ll give you our mission statement:

We strive to create fun, thoughtful games while sharing our experiences and connecting with the game design community.

For over a year now we’ve been working on a fairly complex card game. The background? A post-apocalyptic world in which past technologies and triumphs have been forgotten. Humans are clinging to relics of earth’s past and forming social groups. A dark master sees an opportunity for power and sends you, along with others, to spread a system of beliefs to control the masses – and whoever amasses the most power wins. So you’re basically building a cult. It’s a fun basis for a game, and we’ve got a great story and visuals in the works.

We’ve been really ramping up our game lately, including developing the story, hosting game design meetups (contact if you’re interested), and creating our brand identity. Which brings us to business cards!

These babies arrived in the mail today, and they came out fantastic:

Cram Games business cards

We were able to create some pretty creative cards on a fairly strict budget. We just had custom Bicycle playing cards printed with our information on the back. The cards came out great, and they help reinforce the idea that we’re a game company while being fun and sturdy. Plus, when someone asks for a card you get to fan the deck out and let them pick one and not look like a weirdo.

Cram Games business cards

We’ll be updating the blog very soon, so look for that in the coming weeks.

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